Zoot Suit RevueThe joint starts jumpin' to the golden era throwback sounds of swing. It's an American icon. We fuse a mixture of Swing, Big Band, Pop Rock, Latin, Jump Blues and Lounge, combined with colorful Zoot Suitszootsuit.gif (11221 bytes), dance moves and dynamic stage energy to bring you the best in dancing entertainment.

ZSR was founded in early 1998 by David Hewitt and Ivan Knight. The mission was to create a swing band that stamped out a style of their very own. Accomplished by incorporating all the danceable fun elements of the music that moves to a solid beat. ZSR band members are: Irby Gascon (Vocals), Ivan Knight (Drums), Frank Browne (Guitar), Ed Maxwell (Bass), Richard Tyznik (Saxophone's) and Phil Norris (Trumpet). Each musician writes songs and charts contributing his individual creative niche to the show while en route to making the band's common goals a reality.


family.jpg (21755 bytes)We draw influences from Musical Icons such as: Cab Calloway, Louis Jordan, Benny Goodman, Jimmy Lunceford, Frank Sinatra, Anita O'Day, Spike Jones and Louis Primacabcalloway.jpg (7886 bytes) ... just to name a few.

We are constantly working on new material that has a groove or solid dance beat because we want to always keep things fresh. Zoot Suit Revue's novel look and sound is enjoyed by thousands of people of all ages. So, if Swing makes you jump then come get Hep To Our Jive! Look for ZSR at venues near you!


Family of Swing Drawing by: Mike Ramus
Zoot Suit Photo by: Marie Hansen
Cab Calloway Photo from Frank Driggs Collection

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