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Minnie The Moocher Just A Gigolo Jumpin' Jack

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Group 2004
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Strawberry Festival - Oxnard, CA
ZSR on the Festival Stage
May 2001

Hallmark Promotional Event - Santa Monica, CA
Hallmark Promo

August 2000

Amgen Company Picnicl
July 2000

Fundraiser - West Moreland Country Club
Chicago, IL
West Moreland Country Club
June 2000

Briam Setzer's Mangement Party
Look who's swingin' on the dance floor!
Brian Setzer's Mgmt Party
October 1999

Staples Center Grand Opening Week - Los Angeles
Staples Center Grand Opening
October 1999

 Click on the pictures to see a larger version!
Check our archive of previous events too!

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